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Partner with MediTest Laboratories for superior urine drug testing & toxicology services

MediTest Laboratories provides medication monitoring and drug detection services.

Our LC-MS/MS technology provides precise drug-specific identification and quantitative or qualitative analytical results of all present, or absent, drugs and metabolites.

With MediTest, health care professionals can choose the test methods suited for their individual needs, immunoassay and/or drug specific LC-MS/MS. Our cutting-edge LC-MS/MS technology uses significantly lower cutoff levels than in-office drug tests (point-of-care testing) and is, therefore, more accurate in determining medications and other substances present in, or absent from, a patient’s system at the time of the test. Results are securely reported to the health care provider within 48 hours of the patient’s sample receipt at our lab.

Find out how MediTest can assist you and your practice with our superior medication monitoring and drug detection services.

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